In just one year of operation, Lifeline Syria is very close to meeting its two-year goal. To date we have registered over 400 Private Sponsor Groups representing over 2,400 sponsors and have successfully submitted cases for over 900 Syrian refugees, close to 100 of which have arrived and are re-settling in the Greater Toronto Area.  However, our work is not done.

Throughout the course of its efforts, Lifeline Syria has received incredible support from the Federal government, the Province of Ontario, the City of Toronto, private funders, the Syrian Canadian community, and dedicated sponsors across the GTA.

While staff and volunteers continue to work tirelessly to see that as many cases are processed and submitted as possible, the current number of unmatched refugee cases registered with Lifeline Syria greatly exceeds the number of available sponsor groups.


Update of Lifeline Syria Intake Measures:

In an effort to match and submit existing cases, Lifeline Syria at this time will not be processing new refugee cases unless accompanied by a Group of 5 sponsorship group at the time of intake.

Canadian contacts looking to submit refugee applications to Lifeline Syria are now required to have their own sponsorship groups. In order to determine whether your case qualifies for Group of Five Sponsorship, please visit the government website at  If you satisfy the requirements stated on the website and would like to register your case and its sponsorship group with Lifeline Syria, please download the Sponsorship Intake Guide ( to begin the process and contact us at with any questions.


Update for unmatched Lifeline Syria Cases:

It could be some time (several months or longer) before your application is matched with a sponsor group as there is a considerable number of cases that Lifeline Syria has not yet been able to match.  There is a possibility, especially if the Government makes changes to the way that applications are processed before a sponsor for your application is found, that it may never be matched at all.

In addition to the time it may take Lifeline Syria to find a sponsorship group for your case, the government processing times for applications are between 8 months to a year and there is the possibility that these processing times may increase in the coming months.

If you are able to find your own sponsorship group that is interested in sponsoring your case, please contact Lifeline Syria directly. If you are interested in creating your own sponsorship group for your case, please visit the government website at  If you satisfy the requirements stated in the website, please contact Lifeline Syria at (647) 407-6729.

Call for Sponsorship Groups

Canada is the only country in the world that provides its citizens with the opportunity to personally impact refugee resettlement through its globally unique private sponsorship program. If you are a group of 5 or more Canadian citizens/permanent residents who are interested in sponsoring one of the many refugee cases already registered with Lifeline Syria and waiting for a sponsorship group to be matched with, please visit

In addition, if you cannot form a Group of Five on your own, we are opening the door for individuals looking to join a sponsorship group. If you are interested, please register by e-mailing with your name, e-mail address, telephone number, city, and postal code.

Lifeline Syria staff and volunteers thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation while we continue to work to submit as many cases as possible.

Please look at our website for updates

Lifeline Syria is committed to ensuring that as many Syrian refugees as possible find their way to and a permanent home in the Greater Toronto Area. We are working with all levels of government in this continuing effort.

The Lifeline Syria board is looking at possible approaches that will enhance the formation of new sponsorship groups.

Please visit the Lifeline Syria website periodically for updates on these new initiatives.

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