Lifeline Syria, a leading community engagement initiative announced today the appointment of Lesley Brown as Executive Director of the organization, reporting to the board of directors, effective July 4, 2016. Ms. Brown has over 15 years of combined experience in executive director, director and management roles.

In addition to Ms. Brown’s appointment, Lifeline Syria also announces the following staff appointments:

• Ms. Tal Schreier as Legal Coordinator;
• Ms. Seher Shafiq as Manager of Volunteers & Community Engagement; and
• Ms. Ban Kattan; Ms. Katherine Davis; Ms. Kathleen Motluk; and Ms. Rabea Soofi as Program Coordinators

“I am very pleased to welcome Ms. Brown and the new members of our team to Lifeline Syria, and look forward to the benefit of Ms. Brown’s considerable expertise and experience and the contributions of our staff, as we serve our mandate of continuing Canada’s proud history of refugee resettlement. I am especially pleased that Ms. Schreier; Ms. Davis and Ms. Motluk, who have been working with Lifeline Syria, will continue to serve our clients,” said Frank Palmay, Chairman.

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