Government processing times for refugee applications

The following are government processing times for refugee applications in different countries. Please note that these times are subject to change by the government. For countries listed as “N/A”, not enough data is available about processing times in that country.  To view the most updated processing time for a country, click here.

Please note that once a case has been submitted to the government, Lifeline Syria is unable to control the processing time for your case. If you are concerned about long processing times for a particular refugee case or country, we encourage you to contact your Member of Parliament. To find out who your Member of Parliament is, click here.


Afghanistan- 63 Months

Albania- N/A

Algeria- 49 Months

Andorra- N/A

Angola- 49 Months

Anguilla- N/A

Antigua and Barbuda – N/A

Argentina- N/A

Armenia- 19 Months

Aruba- N/A

Australia- N/A

Austria- 49 Months

Azerbaijan- 49 Months

Bahamas- 49 Months

Bahrain- 49 Months

Bangladesh- N/A

Barbados- N/A

Belarus- 49 Months

Belgium- N/A

Belize- N/A

Benin- N/A

Bermuda- N/A

Bhutan- N/A

Bolivia- N/A

Bonaire- N/A

Bosnia and Herzegovina- N/A

Botswana- 49 Months

Brazil- N/A

British Virgin Islands- N/A

Brunei- N/A

Bulgaria- N/A

Burkina Faso- 49 Months

Burma (Myanmar)- N/A

Burundi- 49 Moths

Cambodia- 49 Months

Cameroon- 49 Moths

Canada- 49 Months

Cape Verde- N/A

Cayman Islands- N/A

Central African Republic- N/A

Chad- N/A

Chile- N/A

Chine (People’s Republic of) 49 Months

Colombia- 49 Months

Comoros Island-

Congo- 49 Months

Costa Rica- N/A

Cote d’lvoire- 49 Months

Croatia- N/A

Cuba- 49 Months

Cyprus- 49 Months

Czech Republic- N/A

Democratic Republic of the Congo- 49 Months

Denmark- N/A

Djibouti- 49 Months

Dominica- N/A

Dominican Republic- 49 Months

Ecuador- 49 Months

Egypt- 55 Months

El Salvador- N/A

Equatorial Guinea- N/A

Eritrea- 49 months

Estonia- N/A

Ethiopia- 73 months

Fiji- N/A

Finland- 49 Months

France- 49 months

Gabon- N/A

Gambia- 49 Months

Georgia- N/A

Germany- 49 months

Ghana- 49 months

Greece- 49 months

Grenada- N/A

Guam- N/A

Guatemala- N/A

Guinea- 49 Months

Guinea-Bissau- N/A

Guyana- N/A

Haiti- 49 Months

Holy See- N/A

Honduras- N/A

Hong Kong SAR-

Hungary- N/A

Iceland- N/A

India- 69 Months

Indonesia- 49 Months

Iran- 49 Months

Iraq- 49 Months

Ireland- N/A

Israel- 18 months

Italy- 49 months

Jamaica- – N/A

Japan N/A

Jordan- 10 Months

Kazakhstan- N/A

Kenya- 70 Months

Kiribati- N/A

Kosovo- N/A

Kuwait- 49 Months

Kyrgyzstan- 49 Months

Laos- N/A

Latvia- N/A

Lebanon- 8 Months

Lesotho- N/A

Liberia- 49 Months

Libya- 49 months

Liechtenstein- N/A

Lithuania- N/A

Luxembourg- N/A

Macao SAR- N/A

Macedonia- N/A

Madagascar- N/A

Malawi- 49 Months

Malaysia- 20 months

Maldives- N/A

Mali- 49 months

Malta- 49 months

Marshall Islands- N/A

Martinique- N/A

Mauritania- N/A

Mauritius- N/A

Mexico-  N/A

Micronesia- N/A

Moldova- N/A

Monaco- N/A

Mongolia- N/A

Montenegro- 49 months


Mozambique- 49 months

Namibia- 49 months

Nauru- N/A

Nepal-49 months

Netherlands- 49 months

New Caledonia- N/A

New Zealand- N/A

Nicaragua- N/A

Niger- N/A

Nigeria- N/A

North Korea-  N/A

Norway- 49 Months

Oman- 49 Months

Pakistan- 75 Months

Palestinian Authority (Gaza)- N/A

Palestinian Authority (West Bank)- N/A

Panama- N/A

Papua New Guinea- N/A

Paraguay- N/A

Peru- N/A

Philippines- N/A

Poland- N/A

Portugal- N/A

Puerto Rico- N/A

Qatar- 49 Months

Romania- N/A

Russia- 49 Months

Rwanda- 49 Months


San Marino- N/A

Sao Tome and Principe- N/A

Saudi Arabia- 49 Months

Senegal- N/A

Serbia- N/A

Seychelles- N/A

Sierra Leone- N/A

Singapore- N/A


Slovenia- N/A

Solomon Islands- N/A

Somalia- 49 Months

South Africa- 68 Months

South Korea- N/A

South Sudan- N/A

Spain- N/A

Sri Lanka- 49 Months

St. Kitts and Nevis- N/A

St. Lucia- N/A

St. Vincent and the Grenadines- N/A

Sudan- 59 Months

Suriname- N/A

Swaziland- N/A

Sweden- 49 months
Switzerland- 49
Syria- 16 Months

Tahiti- N/A

Taiwan- N/A
Tajikistan- 25 Months
Tanzania- 49 Months
Thailand- 49 Months
Timor-Leste- N/A

Togo- 49 Months
Tonga- N/A
Trinidad and Tobago- N/A
Tunisia- 49 Months

Turkey- 8 Months
Turkmenistan- N/A
Turks and Caicos Islands- N/A
Tuvalu- N/A
Uganda- 69 Months

Ukraine- 49 Months

United Arab Emirates- 7 Months

United Kingdom- 49 Months

United States of America- N/A

Uruguay- 49 Months

US Virgin Islands- N/A

Uzbekistan- N/A

Vanuatu- N/A

Venezuela- N/A

Vietnam- N/A

Yemen- 49 Months

Zambia- 49 Months

Zimbabwe- 49 Months


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