Please help us bring and settle Syrian refugees to the Greater Toronto Area.

You can do this by making donations to the Lifeline Syria Fund at Toronto Foundation. Proceeds from the fund will be used to facilitate the arrival and settlement of 1000 Syrian refugees as permanent residents of Canada with the help of private sponsors.

All net proceeds of sponsorship donations, which are received by Lifeline Syria Fund at Toronto Foundation, will be used to sponsor and settle privately-sponsored Syrian refugees through registered Canadian charities that are engaged with sponsoring and settling refugees in the GTA. The Toronto Foundation charges a management fee of 1% to hold and disburse the funds.  All net proceeds from the fund will be made public on this website on a regular basis.

Effective April 1st, it has become the Foundation’s policy that all costs that are directly related to receiving a gift will be charged to the Fund to which the gift pertains. Transaction and merchant fee expenses associated with on-line gifts will be calculated at an average rate and charged to the related Funds on a monthly basis. Based on current rates and volumes by credit card used, those fees will be 2%.

Donate to The Lifeline Syria fund at Toronto Foundation

Donations can be made by the following methods:

  • ONLINE:       Donate now
  • CHEQUE:  Please make your cheque payable to Lifeline Syria Fund at Toronto Foundation. Please mail cheques to 33 Bloor Street East, Suite 1603  Toronto ON  M4W 3H1
  • CASH:   Please drop cash off at Toronto Foundation, 33 Bloor Street East, Suite 1603  Toronto ON  M4W 3H1
  • DONATE PUBLICLY TRADED SECURITIES:   Please download this form and give it to your broker.

Use your Aeroplan Miles to Donate to Lifeline Syria.

If you collect Aeroplan Miles please donate here           Donate Aeroplan Miles 


Using Lifeline Syria name & logo

The outpouring of support and generosity by Canadians wanting to help Syrian refugees has been overwhelming and we are pleased to build new partnerships with community organizations. However, groups wishing to use the Lifeline Syria name or logo in their private fundraising efforts should let Lifeline Syria know of  their intentions ahead of time, in order to ensure that the name and logo are being used for the purposes originally intended. Please consult the following three documents:
Lifeline Syria Fundraising Policy
Lifeline Syria Fundraising Application
Lifeline Syria Branding Guidelines

Charities funded by Lifeline Syria

Please continue to watch this site for the first list of grants.  (coming soon)